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It emerged last week Desiderata owed Tara £200,000 in loans that she herself had made to the company before her death.Charles Anthony Palmer-Tomkinson, 77, Tara's father, is a landowner, philanthropist and former Olympic skier - and a close friend of Prince Charles.

She was last pictured (right) two weeks ago outside her flat, where she was found dea Tara was found dead in her flat.Experts from the Pituitary Foundation say it is not technically the same as a brain tumour.And the socialite had appeared to be getting better, with further tests revealing the growth was not an issue.Santa Montefiore (pictured right in both pictures) took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal the contents of the coroner's report Tara's family's statement could be seen as a denial of the claims by unnamed sources last week who said Tara was still using cocaine as recently as last year, and wanted drugs 'every day' - having once battled a £400-a-day addiction to the class A drug.A couple of weeks before she died, Tara visited a friend in hospital and was said to look thin and ill.

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